East Timor Immersion

This year we will have one group of students and staff travelling to East Timor to again visit the various Marist associated schools, learning centers and community programs around Timor-Leste and Baucau. The ever reliable and enthusiastic Brother Tony Clarke will again be the guide and mentor for our group as they learn much about the culture and friendliness of the East Timorese people.

21st, July 2017

Updated flight details below:


21st, July 2017

Late flight out of Dili, but connection in Darwin should be fine. Will let you know.....


Now staying in Darwin tonight flight delay will let you know flight details when we arrive in Darwin.

Maybe a chance of arriving at 0935 Sat morning will confirm.

21st, July 2017

7:20am, getting ready to Depart Dili airport for Darwin.

20th, July 2017

Yesterday we celebrated with Ponte Leste. We are now heading to Dili, on our way back home from baucau, kids excited.

18th, July 2017

A lovely visit and cooking lesson with the ladies from the women's development for growth. Students have enjoyed very much.

17th, July 2017

We had a great rest day then teaching at CYC Ponte Leste. Heading for our Marist dinner with brother Michael. Everyone is really good.

16th, July 2017

An absolute amazing visit extremely sad to leave. They are inspirational. Mass with Father Jo Jo was wonderful. Teaching at Ponte Leste tomorrow

15th, July 2017

Heading to Abafala this morning. Looking forward to our visit

14th, July 2017

Visit Senora Rita today, markets, pool and Ponte Leste. All of us are well and very happy, kids looking forward to getting in the pool as it is very hot.

12th, July 2017

Have arrived safely in Baucau. 5 hour bus trip all exhausted having a lovely dinner :)

11th, July 2017

Great caritas visit. Off to Cristo rei and the beach. So hot here everyone well.

10th, July 2017

Arrived safe in dilli

10th, July 2017

Arrived safely in Darwin having lunch and leave 3:30 for dilli

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