Notre Dame College Theme for 2018


The Faith and Ministry Team have been working diligently to improve Catholic Identity across all areas of the College. Visibility of scripture is one area that is being targeted and this year’s theme gives all Pastoral Groups and House areas an opportunity to display various verses from scripture in prominent locations. 

Grow in courage, wisdom and faith.


The Bible tells us that courage is the opposite of fear and that by having Faith and confidence in God we can conquer our fears and live a life full of courage.


The Bible tells us that wisdom means acting according to the spirit of the commandments and not looking for ways to evade their true intent, no matter how difficult this may be for each one of us.


Faith is of the heart - the human spirit - it is the ability to believe and have hope without seeing Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.’ John 20:29

Venerable Catherine McAuley and St Marcellin Champagnat, the founders of our Mercy and Marist traditions, are great role models of people who put God, and His Son Jesus Christ, at the centre of their lives. They went forward with courage, wisdom and Faith and were able to overcome many obstacles in order to make life better for others.


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