Sustainability at our College

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As of 2020 Notre Dame College has made a commitment to be more sustainable in all management practices throughout the college. To help with this endeavor, the college became part of the ResourceSmart Schools program offered by Sustainability Victoria. The aim of which is to help schools embed sustainability across all facilities, communities, and curriculum and help save resources and money.

Through ResourceSmart the college is committed to progress through the 5 Stars Program and become a Leadership School in sustainability. Each of the 5 Stars has a specific requirement for completion and requires staff and students to undertake initiatives and activities to help achieve common goals.

The main focus of the college throughout 2020-2022 is the Waste Module, with the goal being to help educate the college (staff, students and the community) about waste and how to reduce our landfill as well as the associated costs. 

Much has happened:

  • 2020 saw a Bin Audit of the Emmaus campus where the bins were counted and examined for contamination. The results were promising but showed us that further education was required. To watch the video CLICK HERE.
  • In 2021, the Knight St campus completed their own Bin Audit and it revealed that a complete overhaul of the practices on this campus is required. To watch the video CLICK HERE. 
  • 2022 will also see some new bins arriving at the College, CLICK HERE to see what's coming!

Throughout the process, the student group, Terra Tomodachi, ‘Terra’ means ‘Earth’ in Italian, and ‘Tomodachi’ means ‘Friends’ in Japanese have been very active, especially at the Knight St Campus. They took part in the Bin Audit, Biodiversity Audit, asked staff and students to sign our Climate Change Petition, and offer continuous enthusiasm and ideas about how to make the college a more sustainable environment. 

Please continue to play your part in creating a cleaner future for all. 

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