General Achievement Test (GAT)


Students who are studying a Unit 3/4 VCE or VCE VET scored & Senior VCAL are required to sit the VCAA’s General Achievement Test (GAT). 

The Gat will be split into two sections:

Section A will assess literacy and numeracy skills

Section B will assess skills in mathematics, science, technology, the arts, and humanities, with an increased focus on critical and creative thinking skills.



VCE Study Score 

What's a Study Score? How do you calculate a Study Score? Study Score examples. 
For more information and to view the short videos explaining a Study Score, follow this link

School-based Assessments

At Notre Dame College, school-based assessments are:

  • Outcome Assessment Tasks (OATs) - VCE Units 1 & 2 and VET Year 1 (Year 11)

  • School Assessed Coursework (SACs) - VCE Units 3 & 4 and VET Year 2 (Year 12)

Dates for OATs and SACs can be downloaded below from early each semester.

Where a student will be absent for an OAT or SAC, they are required to apply to reschedule it prior to the original date or within three school days following their return to school.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Where a student fails to follow this procedure, the student will receive an N - Not Satisfactory for the unit. The student then needs to appeal via contact with the Director of Learning and Teaching within 7 days.

VCAA VCE Special Provisions

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) Special Provision Policy aims to provide students in defined circumstances with the opportunity to participate in and complete their secondary level studies.

The underlying principle of the VCAA Special Provision Policy is to ensure that the most appropriate, fair, and reasonable options are available for students to demonstrate their capabilities if their learning and assessment programs are affected by disability, illness, impairment or other circumstances. Special provision should provide equivalent, alternative arrangements for students but not confer an advantage to any student over other students.

Individual students may need special provision in their learning program to achieve the learning outcomes, and in assessment to demonstrate their learning and achievement.

Specific eligibility criteria apply to the granting of special provision for the VCE or VCAL.

For further information and/or to apply for Special Provisions contact the Director of Learning and Teaching.  Applications need to be submitted to the Director of Learning and Teaching, Notre Dame College by Friday 21 March 2022.

VCE, VET and VCAL Student Handbook

The VCE, VET and VCAL Student Handbook is an important document to be read by all students in years 11 and 12 at the College.

Download the handbook below.


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