Emmaus Campus - Year 9 Programme

The Year 9 Programme on the Emmaus Campus provides our Year 9 students with a unique learning opportunity.Emmaus Website

Programme Aims

  • Challenge students in their learning.
  • Design and deliver a flexible curriculum program that facilitates deep engagement with learning.
  • Provide a classroom organisation which facilitates teaching and learning practices that are responsive to the diverse learning, social, and emotional needs of young adolescents.
  • Provide opportunities for students practical involvement in applied learning.
  • Provide opportunities for students to take on roles of responsibility.
  • Develop an appreciation of our environment and an understanding of sustainable practices.

Campus Design

Located on 48 acres approximately 8 kilometers north of Shepparton on a green field site. The Year 9 Programme:

  • Provides three large purpose built learning communities each of which are home to a pair of sister houses.
  • Provides large flexible spaces with moveable furniture to facilitate teams of teachers to work with the students both individually and in groups.
  • Promotes use and ownership of the facilities by the learner.
  • Provides an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) rich environment with students having access to wireless technologies with all students having a laptop computer provided to them by the college.
  • Provides a range of flexible spaces to meet the needs of the Year 9 curriculum.
  • Integrates eating areas, outdoor areas and gathering areas for sharing and learning.


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Learning Community Organisation

  • Each Community has one Head of Community leader. The Head of Community leader provides assistance to the Director of Year 9 Programme in the day to day management and pastoral care of the Year 9 students within each Learning Community.
  • Each Learning Community caters for a pair of sister houses: Crane/Kennedy; Jennings/Mungovan; MacKillop/McGann.
  • Pastoral groupings are house or sister house based.
  • A team of teachers is allocated to each Learning Community.
  • Pastoral Group Leaders support the academic progress and wellbeing of each of the students within their Pastoral Group.

Student Support Programmes Services

  • Learning Enrichment Program including:ASL support
    • Supporting students with learning difficulties
    • Integration Aides
    • Counselling/Psychological services
    • Careers Information and Counselling
    • Homework Club
    • Library services
    • Music Tuition

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