VET Programmes allow students to study nationally recognised training as a part of their schooling programme. Undertaking VET whilst at school allows students to mix general and vocational education and commence training for a career before they finish school. VET enable students to explore career options and pathways to gain practical skills in specific industries.

Why students value VET?

Skills – Students may choose to learn skills that they can apply at school, at work, or to gain employment whilst undertaking further study.

Exploring – Students may explore an industry they wish to pursue a career in and learn more about that industry to see if it is right for them.

Passion and personal interest – Students can experience if its something they really enjoy or something that interests them. Either way, once they learn a skill, they will always be able to gain from it.

See below VET course information sheets that Notre Dame provides on campus.

For further information click on the link to the Notre Dame Careers website.