Canteen line
Lunchtime line up at Northside canteen

The College employs a Canteen Manager and Assistant to run the Knight Street Canteen which is open at recess and lunchtime for all students. Items are reasonably priced with EFTPOS facilities available. Students are able to order their lunch before school each day and pick it up from the canteen at the start of lunchtime. Parents work with the Canteen Manager and Assistant on a roster basis each day on a voluntary basis.

If you would like to volunteer to assist at the Knight Street Canteen please call the College and speak with the Canteen Manager.

*Halal and Gluten Free items available (Please refer to Canteen menu for options).

A Day at the Canteen

Bakery goods

Delivered fresh daily

Year 9 Programme - Café Emmaus

Café Emmaus is applied learning in action. It is the canteen for the Year 9 Programme as well as the venue for the students to complete their Food Handlers Certificate and some of the other competencies in a VET certificate two in Hospitality.

Each day before lunchtime a class prepares and serves all the lunch orders and other foods that can be purchased from the café – slices, muffins, cookies, fruit salads, fruit, and yoghurt.

The variety of lunches available is very different to regular school canteens. Students can choose from a menu that changes with the skills of the students. The lunch orders use produce from the vegetable gardens and eggs from the chickens raised by the agriculture students. The café is open at recess and lunchtime each day.