VCE (Unit 3 & 4) Final Stages of Course Work

Students undertaking Unit 3 and Unit 4 (VCE) are entering their final stages of coursework.

Term 4 is essentially revision, practice exams and then, final assessments.

If any parents would like to discuss any of the work involved with Units 3 & 4, student’s current progress, or revision or study requirements for the coming weeks, please ensure you contact your student’s teacher as soon as you can. Please don’t leave it too long so your student will have as much time as possible to revise.

Class work will be finishing up in all units late Term 3. After this students need to dedicate their time to revision and attempting test papers, which I believe is the secret to success in VCE. Students should regularly catch up with their teachers and fellow students to discuss work and revision, and to ensure they understand topics and themes.

It will be busy over the next few months, but the rewards of your hard work over this time will be fantastic if you are prepared to do the “hard yards”.

I wish all students preparing for final Unit 3 and 4 exams all the best regarding their preparation, the actual exam and then their final grades.

As excited as students and parents are when results come out in December, I can guarantee that Notre Dame College staff, and myself, are just as excited in receiving your results, and seeing the fruits of our labour recognised too.

My thoughts, best wishes and prayers are with you all as you prepare for final exams over the next 3 months.

A+ Stamp